Table 1

Patient characteristics and baseline measurements in normal, NTG, and POAG groups

NormalNTGPOAGp Value
NS = non-significant at 5% level.
Note: refer to text for explanation of “adjusted” p values.
Sex distribution
    Male (n=44)23129NS
    Female (n=32)111011
Numbers in each age group
    <60 years (n=32)22550.002
    >60 years (n=44)121715
Mean age (SD), years54.1 (11.8)65.4 (11.2)66.8 (12.5)0.0002
Mean resting pneumotonometer IOP (SD) (mm Hg) (n=76)16.4 (4.3)15.6 (4.0)23.7 (4.9)<0.00001
Mean resting Goldmann IOP (SD) (mm Hg) (n=76)18.1 (2.8)15.8 (2.8)26.5 (3.1)<0.00001
Mean resting POBF (SD), (μl/min) (n=75)1086.9 (403.4)1020.0 (356.0)802.1 (509.4)NS
Mean resting heart rate (SD), (bpm) (n=76)72.1 (11.1)66.0 (8.4)73.4 (12.5)NS
Mean arterial pressure at rest (SD), (mm Hg) (n=74)105.8 (10.7)105.0 (13.3)106.7 (11.7)NS
Number of patients with specific risk factors (n=76)
    Vasospastic alone591
    Atherosclerotic alone138
Numbers taking cardiovascular medications
Refractive error (numbers of subjects)
    myopia >−2 D421NS
    −2D to +2D261516
    hypermetropia >+2D341