Table 5

Other ocular involvement in lepromatous patients at enrolment

Ocular measurementsNo of patients (238)Percentage
Orbicularis oculi weakness114.62
Lagophthalmos with >2 mm on gentle closure52.10
Lagophthalmos with palpebral gap on forced closure41.68
Impaired corneal sensation in one eye17372.69
Impaired corneal sensation in both eyes12753.36
Corneal opacity with reduced vision41.68
PCT >800 ms in one or both eyes5327.75
PCT >800 ms in both eyes3015.71
IOP >20 mm Hg52.12
IOP <8 mm Hg41.68
Cataract associated with ≤6/18 vision3012.61
Cataract associated with uveitis52.10