Table 3

Subgroup analysis of factors influencing the final visual acuity in the amblyopic eye

SubgroupFactorR2 (%)β95% CI for βStandardised βt statisticSignificance
R2 statistic expressed as a percentage denotes the amount of variability in the final vision that this particular factor accounts for.
Correlation coefficient β is expressed in standard deviations to allow direct comparison of the gradients of the relative slopes.
Strabismic hypermetropes (n=49)Spherical equivalent in amblyopic eye0.164 (16%)0.0650.02 to 0.110.4053.07p<0.01
Anisometropia0.025 (3%)0.032−0.02 to 0.090.1601.12p=0.27
Age at presentation0.000 (<1%)−0.002−0.48 to 0.43−0.016−0.11p=0.91
Non-strabismic hypermetropes (n=48)Spherical equivalent in amblyopic eye0.156 (16%)0.0480.02 to 0.080.3952.92p<0.01
Anisometropia0.174 (17%)0.0550.02 to 0.090.4173.11p<0.01
Age at presentation0.000 (<1%)−0.001−0.03 to 0.03−0.006−0.04p=0.97
Non-strabismic myopes (n=11)Spherical equivalent in amblyopic eye0.714 (71%)0.0550.03 to 0.080.8454.74p=0.001
Anisometropia0.774 (77%)0.0840.05 to 0.120.8805.55p<0.001
Age at presentation0.001 (<1%)−0.006−0.13 to 0.12−0.036−0.11p=0.92