Table 4

Influence of factors in explaining final visual acuity (logMAR) in patients with non-strabismic anisometropic amblyopia or with a microtopia (n=95)

R2 (%)β95% CI for βStandardised βt statisticSignificance
R2 statistic expressed as a percentage denotes the amount of variability in the final vision that this particular factor accounts for.
Correlation coefficient β is expressed in standard deviations to allow direct comparison of the gradients of the relative slopes.
Spherical equivalent0.259 (26%)0.0620.04 to 0.080.4925.74p<0.001
Anisometropia0.146 (15%)0.0550.03 to 0.080.3824.01p<0.001
Age at presentation0.001 (<1%)−0.005−0.03 to 0.02−0.033−0.32p=0.752