Table 4

Factors influencing the likelihood of postoperative visual acuity being 0.2 or worse

STD errorConfidence interval 95% CI for exp (b)
VariableCoefficient bSE (b)p ValueOdds ratio exp (b)LowerUpper
Final statistical model derived by backwards stepwise logistic regression.
Variables entered initially: age, sex, diagnosis, lens status, type of procedure, preoperative visual acuity, astigmatism, rejection, other complications, other pathology, and clinic.
OR>1, VA more likely to be ≤0.2; OR<1, VA less likely to be ≤0.2.
    Fuchs' dystrophy3.391.400.0229.561.89461.45
    Bullous keratatopathy3.231.360.0225.301.76363.32
Preoperative visual acuity−1.410.430.0010.250.110.57
Other complications
Other pathology
    Not known1.920.830.026.811.3534.33