Table 2

Reasons for dissatisfaction with diagnostic consultation: numbers, percentages, and details of categories

Reason for dissatisfactionNo%
Specialist's attitude (dismissive, patronising, brusque, unfeeling, uninterested in  patient/condition, use of jargon, talking to colleagues while ignoring patient,  making patients feel of no consequence because of their age)26343.5
Lack of information or advice (about condition, prognosis, adjustment, low vision  aids, self help groups, counselling), lack of written information26243.4
Told nothing could be done8013.1
Problems with management (delay in getting appointments, paperwork/ correspondence lost, seeing different doctors).7111.7
Shocked by what they were told477.05
Lack of time with consultant416.85
Discharged after consultation345.6
Condition not named325.4
No opportunity for questions213.5
Wanted second opinion111.8