Table 3

Comparison of parental reasons for non-concordance between the leaflet and control group

No (%) of parents
Reasons indicated by parents for their non-concordanceLeaflet group* (n=13)Control group* (n=31)
*Number of non-concordant parents. †Other reasons given by parents in preference to the alternatives provided in the questionnaire.
My child has a strong dislike to wearing the patch8 (61)6 (19)
I do not like the appearance of the patch on my child0 (0)0 (0)
I sometimes forget to put the patch on2 (15)3 (10)
Poor cooperation of the child1 (8)0 (0)
I will wait until my child is older and more cooperative1 (8)14 (45)
The treatment does not work0 (0)5 (16)
I will wait until the child understands the reasons for the treatment1 (8)2 (7)
Social occasions or family activities†0 (0)1 (3)