Table 3

Endothelial assessment of corneas at the start and end of storage. Some corneas were eliminated during storage. Analysis thus covered the 112 corneas deemed to be independent events

Group 1 (n=93)Group 2 (n=19)p Value
*Two missing data due to difficult visualisation of the endothelium.
Storage time (days, mean (SD))13.0 (4.0)13.1 (3.8)0.916
ECD (cells/mm2, mean (SD))
    Start of storage2336 (357)2135 (393)0.030
    End of storage2102 (288)2026 (309)0.306
Cell loss (%, mean (SD))*9.5 (8.2)4.2 (11.4)0.022
Mortality rate (mean (SD))
    Start of storage*0.19 (0.42)0.12 (0.46)0.539
    End of storage0.87 (0.52)0.61 (0.45)0.058
Final qualitative analysis (%)
    Anisocytosis (low/moderate/severe)*60/37/347/42/110.318
    Pleomorphism (low/moderate/severe)*60/34/669/26/50.761
    Mortality in folds (absent/moderate/high)*7/92/10/100/00.473
    Presence of rosette patterns (no/yes)*76/2484/160.555
Final quality score (%) (very good/good/acceptable)33/47/2016/68/160.214