Table 3

Frequency of ocular signs in patients treated with preserved and preservative free eye drops at the first visit

Preserved eye drops (n=3469)Preservative free eye drops (n=552)
*Preservative free versus preserved comparison: p<0.001 (χ2 test).
Presence of conjunctival signs49%26%*
    Conjunctival redness41%20%*
    Conjunctival follicles22%11%*
    Fluorescein staining in the nasal bulbar conjunctiva13%5%*
Presence of an SPK19%9%*
Superficial punctate keratitis
Presence of at least one palpebral sign22%9%*
    Anterior blepharitis16%7%*
    Posterior blepharitis (meibomiitis)7%3%*