Table 4

Frequency of symptoms and signs at visits 1 and 2 in P-PF group

Visit 1 (preserved)Visit 2 (preservative free)
No*(%)No*(%)p Value
*Number of patients for which the variable had been recorded.
Patient symptoms
    Discomfort upon instillation196/34057.6%40/34311.7%<0.001
    Patients presenting with at least one symptom between instillations283/34282.7%123/34435.8%<0.001
Ocular signs found at the clinical examination (patients presenting with at least one)
    Palpebral sign122/34235.7%50/34614.5%<0.001
    Conjunctival sign233/33868.9%74/33821.9%<0.001
    Superficial punctate keratitis85/33425.4%18/3375.3%<0.001