Table 5

Frequency of symptoms and signs at visit 1 and visit 2 in P-DP group

Visit 1 (preserved)Visit 2 (preservative free)
No*(%)No*(%)p Value
*Number of patients for which the variable had been recorded.
Patient symptoms
    Discomfort upon instillation28/5750.9%8/5614.3%<0.001
    Patients presenting with at least one symptom between instillations48/5784.2%31/5754.4%<0.001
Ocular signs found at the clinical examination (patients presenting with at least one)
    Palpebral signs25/5743.9%7/5712.3%<0.001
    Conjunctival signs44/5678.6%25/5743.9%<0.001
    Superficial punctate keratitis13/5722.8%5/568.9%<0.001