Table 1

Patient details and treatment

Procedure done to
Patient NoAgeSexDiagnosisRULLULRLLLLLProcedure dateFollow up (months)Re-open postopSubjective scoreSchirmer I and IILubricant frequent
C = closed completely; C* = appears re-opened but actually closed; F = failure, punctum re-opened; Sj = Sjögren’s syndrome.
171MCC*Jan 99341 Month1Slight increaseEvery hour to every 2 hours
263FCCC*CMay 99303 Month1UnchangedUnchanged
377MCCMay 99303UnchangedEvery hour to every 4 hours
464MC*C*May 99303 Month1UnchangedUnchanged
566FSJCCSep 99262UnchangedUnchanged
650MCCNov 99243UnchangedEvery hour to every 2 hours
763FCCJan 00222UnchangedUnchanged
837FSJCCFFFeb 00213 Month1UnchangedUnchanged
944FSJCCApr 00193Slight increaseUnchanged
1067FCCAug 00142Slight increaseUnchanged
1126FCCAug 00143UnchangedEvery hour to every 4 hours