Table 1

Population, prevalence, and causes of vision impairment in the Pacific region countries

CountryPopulation (million)6Rate of vision impairment (per million)*Main causes of vision impairmentSource of data
*The first figure given is for the rate of blindness and the rate of low vision is indicated on the second line with “lv” beside the figure.
CDK = climatic droplet keratopathy; AMD = age related macular degeneration.
Source of data: S = survey; E = estimate; C = hospital clinic; R = register.
Eastern Asia
    China1284.4817 000–23 400Cataract, retina, corneaS
37 000 lvRefractive error
    DPR of Korea24.03
    Japan126.712300Retina, optic atrophy, corneaS
    Mongolia52.6610 400Cataract, glaucoma, CDKS
70 700 lvRefractive error
    Republic of Korea46.843000Cataract, AMD, glaucomaE
12 000 lv
South-eastern Asia
    Brunei Darussalam0.32
    Cambodia11.1612 000Cataract, glaucoma, corneaC/E/S
30 700 lv
    Lao PDR5.4320 500 lvCataract, cornea, glaucomaE
Refractive error
    Malaysia22.242900Cataract, retina, corneaS
20 400 lvRefractive error
    Philippines475.967000Cataract, glaucoma, corneaS
10 950 lvRefractive error
    Singapore303.564170Retina, glaucoma, optic atrophyR
Refractive error
    Vietnam79.8340 340Cataract, retina, glaucomaS
180 860 lvRefractive error
    Australia3118.882700AMD, cataract, glaucomaS
11 000 lvRefractive error
    New Zealand3.868600 lvE
    Fiji0.817000Cataract, diabetic retinopathyE
    Papua New Guinea324.805000Cataract, trachoma, trauma, glaucomaS
    Solomon Is0.448000Cataract, trauma, keratitisC/E
    Marshall Is0.06
    Nauru0.01Diabetic retinopathy, cataractC
    Cook Is330.0216 220AMD, diabetic retinopathy, cataractS
    Tonga340.095600Cataract, cornea, diabetic retinopathyS
18 000 lv