Table 8

Frequency of pre-established risk factors for soft contact lens (CL) related AK among questionnaire respondents

No (%) (n=55)
Swimming with CL in4
    Chlorinated water12 (22)
    Lakes, rivers, etc 3 (5)
    Sea water 9 (16)
    Swimming in one or more of the above18 (33)
Omitted/irregular disinfection (without CL  disposal)4,7,2024 (44)
Chlorine disinfection7,20 9 (16)
Rinsing/storing CL with non-sterile water20 3 (5)
Rinsing CL storage case with non-sterile water2020 (36)
Failure to leave storage case to dry2025 (45)
At least one of the above50 (91)