Table 1

Cryosurgery of primary basal cell carcinomas, tumour free postoperative courses, and follow up times

1st series, cryosurgeryFollow up (mean) (years/months)Range (years/months)Average age at operation (years)
Patients alive at final study evaluation = a, patients not alive = n. For patients with recurrent tumours following cryosurgery of primary basal cell carcinomas see Table 2.
Number of patients
    79 (a)12/18/6 to 18/061.7
    87 (n)6/20/1 to 15/174.2
Excision (marginal) + cryosurgery or spray
    13 (a)11/38/8 to 16/257.4
    9 (n)5/00/7 to 12/975.2
2nd series, cryosurgery
    18 (a)3/81/5 to 6/770.5