Table 2

Patients with recurrent tumours after cryosurgery, treatment results

AgeHistopathologyLocationBiopsyTreatmentResultFollow up, remarks (y/m)
Recurrent tumours following cryosurgery of primary basal cell carcinomas within 1st series (2nd series: no recurrent tumours). The recurrent tumours developed at the site of the primary tumour or in directly adjacent areas. Recurrent tumours following excisions and their treatment were described by Buschmann.31
156basal cell naevus syndromelower lid, lateralbeforecryosurgerytumour free (eyelids)11/1; annually up to 20 new tumours at the body
268basal cell carcinomamedial angleduringcryosurgerytumour free14/1; 13 y ago basal cell carcinoma at temple
362basal cell carcinomamedial angleduringcryosurgerytumour free10/6
450basal cell carcinomalower lid, middleduringcryosurgerytumour free8/6
573morphoea-like basal cell carcinomamedial anglebeforecryosurgerytumour free0/8; died from other disease
677basal cell carcinoma (lid)upper lid, middlebeforecryosurgerytumour free (lid)3/0; multiple morphoea like basal cell carcinoma at face
760basal cell carcinomalower lid, middle + lateralbeforecryosurgerytumour free12/3
846basal cell carcinomalower lid, medialduringcryosurgerytumour free6/7; 1st operation = excision + cryosurgery
950basal cell carcinomalower lid, middle + lateralduringcryosurgerytumour free10/5; 1st operation = excision + cryosurgery
1047basal cell carcinomanasal of med angleduringexcisiontumour free13/6
1157basal cell carcinomalower lid, medialduringexcisiontumour free1/10; 8 years interval
1253basal cell carcinomamedian angle + lower lidduringexcisiontumour free3/0; 5 y interval 2 y ago basal cell carcinoma of the temple
1349morphoea-like basal cell carcinomamedian angle and noseduringexcision2nd recurrent tumourlaser surgery, 4/11, tumour free
1467basal cell carcinomalower lid, median + lateralnonenonebad general healthdied 5 m after diagnosis of recurrent tumour
1539(1) basal cell carcinomamedian angle + lower lidbefore and duringcryosurgery, excisions3 times recurrent tumouragain suspected recurrent tumour
(2) morphoea-like (recurrent tumour)