Table 1

Clinical characteristics and surgical details of the patients

CaseAge (years)SexEyeAetiologyType of cataractPreoperative BCVAPostoperative BCVAComments
BCVA = best corrected visual acuity, ECCE + IOL = extracapsular cataract extraction with intraocular lens implantation.
148MREGranular dystrophyPosterior subcapsular cataract3/606/18
235FLEOperated lamellar graft for Stevens-Johnson syndromeHypermature white cataractCounting fingers6/60
352MREFuchs' dystrophy with trachomatous scarringNuclear cataract3/60Counting fingersIncrease in haze intraoperatively and postoperatively. Visual acuity 6/36 after penetrating keratoplasty
462FLEOperated patch graftCortical cataract5/606/24
553MLEHealed viral keratitisCortical cataract6/606/18
678MREOcular surface disorderCorticonuclear cataract4/606/12
765FLEHealed keratitis with posterior crocodile shagreenNuclear cataract6/366/9
862FREBilateral healed viral keratouveitisCortical and posterior subcapsular cataract6/606/12
975MLEHealed keratitisNuclear cataract4/606/18
1062MREHealed keratitisCortical cataractCounting fingers6/24
1170FREPost trachomatous central scarringCataracta brunescenceCounting fingers6/36Capsulorhexis completed, converted to ECCE + IOL due to intraoperative haze