Table 1

Summary of case details

Patient details
Case 1Case 2Case 3Case 4
Lens brandCibaVision Focus Night and DayBausch & Lomb Pure VisionBausch & Lomb PureVisionCibaVision Focus Night and Day
Duration of EWSCL use12 months12 months6 weeks12 months
Pattern of wearMonthly continuous wearMonthly continuous wearDaily wear, changing to 24 hours' continuous wear just before presentationMonthly continuous wear
Duration of wear10 days7 days24 hours2 days
MicroscopyInsufficient specimen, no PMN or organisms seenFungal elements on Blankophor preparation. No organisms on Gram stainPMN +, no organisms seenNo PMN, no organisms seen
CultureSerratia marcescens (sheep blood agar plate)Acinetobacter (enrichment broth) Penicillium (Sabouraud agar)Heavy growth of Corynebacterium (sheep blood agar plate)α Haemolytic streptococcus, in enrichment broth
Contact lens culture Serratia marcescens Yeast from left lens; Penicillium from right lensNot availableNo growth
Other risk factorsSwam in lenses 2 weeks earlierSwam in lenses 1 week earlierSwam in a different pair of lenses 3 days earlier
Last corrected VA (time)VAR=6/6–1 (2 weeks)VAL=6/7.5 (8 days)UnavailableVAL=6/7.5 (1 week)