Table 1

Correlations between education, occupation, income, and housing type with ocular biometry and refraction

Spearman rank correlation coefficient
Education (years)Occupation (others, near work)Income, categoryHousing type, category
*Significant at p<0.05, **significant at p<0.01, ***significant at p<0.001.
LOCS III: Lens Opacity Classification System III score (from 1 to 6).
Education categories: no formal education, primary, secondary, tertiary.
Occupation categories: near work occupations, others (refer to text for details of occupation categories).
Income categories: $1000 or less, $1001–2000, $2001–3000, more than $3000.
Housing type categories: 1 or 2 room government flats, 3 room government flats, 4 or 5 room government flats and private housing.
There were 29 people with missing data on occupation (unclassifiable occupation), 104 with missing data on income (including 95 who had retired) and 5 with missing data on housing type.
Age (years)−0.44***−0.17***−0.47***−0.08**
Sex (men, women)−0.26***−0.14***−0.33***0.05
Axial length (mm)0.35***0.25***0.31***0.07*
Anterior chamber (mm)0.34***0.19***0.35***0.09**
Lens thickness (mm)−0.28***−0.14***−0.34***−0.08*
Vitreous chamber (mm)0.35***0.24***0.33***0.06
Corneal curvature radius (mm)0.07*0.06*0.13***0.01
Nuclear opacity, LOCS III−0.34***−0.16***−0.36***−0.08*
Refraction (dioptres)−0.30***−0.23***−0.25***−0.04