Table 2

Neutrophil count, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, and acute phase reactants (α1 antitrypsin, α2 macroglobulin) in patients with active or inactive Behçet's disease and controls

Active BD (n=20)Inactive BD (n=23)Healthy controls (n=25)
Mean (SD)Mean (SD)Mean (SD)
ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate.
†Significantly different from the inactive stage by Wilcoxon test (for each, p<0.01).
‡Significantly different from the controls by Mann-Whitney U test (for each, p<0.01).
Neutrophils (103/ml)5.64 (1.41)†‡3.63 (0.78)‡2.81 (0.41)
ESR (mm/h)32.88 (8.36)†‡18.26 (6.15)‡7.48 (1.85)
α1 antitrypsin (mg/dl)219.34 (39.42)†‡163.19 (20.42)‡121.64 (14.15)
α2 macroglobulin (mg/dl)269.52 (31.58)†‡201.89 (28.54)‡165.11 (23.91)