Table 1

Infectious uveitis with iris nodules6–17,20–30

First author (year)OrganismSystemic sourceMethod of diagnosisTreatmentOutcome (final visual acuity if available)
*Additional reports in the literature published before dates covered by Medline search.
Biswas J (1995)M tuberculosis [2 patients]YesAnterior chamber paracentesisSystemic antibiotics, topical steroidEnucleation [1 patient], recovery (20/80) [1 patient]
Rosen PH (1990) M tuberculosis NoPresumptive diagnosisSystemic antibioticsRecovery
Gain P (1994) M tuberculosis NoIridectomySystemic antibioticsNon-compliance, poor outcome
Walker C (1967)“Tuberculosis”NoPresumptive diagnosisSystemic antibioticsRecovery
Rosenbaum PS (1998)M avium–intracellulare complexYesAnterior chamber paracentesis, skin ulcer scrapingsSystemic antibiotics, topical steroidRecovery then relapse with enucleation
Michelson JB (1979) M leprae YesAnterior chamber paracentesisSystemic antibiotics, topical and subconjunctival steroidsRecovery
Messmer EM (1998) M leprae YesAnterior chamber paracentesisSystemic antibioticsRecovery
Daxecker (1997) M leprae YesSkin biopsySystemic antibiotics, topical steroidRecovery
McCarron MJ (1998) T pallidum YesAnterior chamber paracentesis, skin biopsy, conjunctival biopsySystemic antibioticsRecovery (20/25)
Schwartz LK (1980) T pallidum YesBlood test: FTA–absSystemic antibiotics, topical steroidUnknown
Duffy RJ (1987) R ricketsiae YesBlood test: RMSF latex agglutinationSystemic antibiotics, topical steroidRecovery (20/20)
Stokes DJ (1992) P acnes NoIridectomySub-conjuctival and topical antibioticsRecovery (20/20)
Patel AS (1994)Fusarium sppYesVitreous aspirateIntravitreal, topical, and systemic antibioticsEnucleation
Myers TD (2002) and Chalmers BE (1986) A actinomycetemcomitans PresumedAnterior chamber paracentesisSystemic antibioticsRecovery (20/40)
Cunningham ET (1998)C immitis*YesSkin biopsySystemic antibioticsUnknown
Cutler JE (1978)C immitis*YesAnterior chamber paracentesisIntravitreal and intracameral antibioticsEnucleation
Moorthy RS (1994)C immitis* [3 patients]NoAnterior chamber paracentesis, iridectomySystemic antibioticsEnucleation [1 patient], undergoing therapy [2 patients]
Stone JL (1993)C immitis*YesVitreous aspirateSystemic and intraocular antibioticsEnucleation
Stern JH (2001) C albicans YesVitrectomy/vitreous aspirate, skin cultureSystemic antibiotics, vitrectomy, topical steroidRecovery (hand movements)
Myers TD (2002) C albicans YesAnterior chamber paracentesis, vitreous aspirateSystemic antibiotics, vitrectomyRecovery (20/25)
Charles NC (1992) C neoformans YesAnterior chamber paracentesisVitrectomy, intravitreal antibioticsEnucleation
Shyong MP (2000)Penicillium sppNoAnterior chamber paracentesisTopical and intracameral antibioticsRecovery
Myers TD (2002)Corynebacterium sppNoAnterior chamber paracentesisSystemic antibioticsRecovery
Gupta K (1986)Possible HSVNoIris biopsyTopical steroidRecovery
Gass JDM (1973)Possible HSVNoIris biopsyTopical steroidRecovery (20/70)