Table 5

During the past month have you done or attempted to do the following tasks

YesNoMissingp Values for differences between distributions
InitialFollow upInitialFollow upInitialFollow up
*Significant difference between values p<0.05.
Read or tried to read ordinary print books/newsprint/magazines/TV times4554261601 0.049*
Read or tried to read large print books, large print newspapers, or newspaper headlines4837203430 0.015*
Read or tried to read letters/cards/bank statements/other correspondence59541217000.332
Read or tried to read your own writing51481923100.454
Read or tried to read instructions on packets, tins, bottles, medicines, etc55571614000.791
Read or tried to read shop prices/labels/tickets4934223700 0.001*
Read or tried to read the markings on dials—eg, on the cooker, radio, hi-fi, washing machine, etc59541217000.302
Read or tried to read the telephone directory to check numbers21254945110.344
Read or tried to read the time on your watch52521918011.00
Tried to fill in forms, cheques, cards, etc42332938000.108
Signed or tried to sign your own name696724000.5
Written or tried to write your own letters24224749000.791
Identified or tried to identify money706714000.375
Sewed/knitted/mended or attempted to sew, knit, or mend16205551000.344
Done or tried to do a special hobby11145757301.000
Carried out or attempted to carry out DIY/repairs/fix things16105461100.210
Watched or attempted to watch TV687031000.500
Read or attempted to read street signs/bus numbers/directions, etc39343237000.302
Been on a trip or special day out39403231001.000