Table 1

Summarised data of four quadrant repeated corneal transplanted patients treated and untreated with systemic cyclosporin A

ParameterRegrafts treated with cyclosporin ARegrafts untreated with cyclosporin A
LP = light perception, NLP = no light perception.
Number of regrafts2812
Follow up (months)
Cyclosporin A treatment (months)
Regraft survival (months)
Survival of regrafts complicated by immune rejection (months)
Survival of regrafts with other complications (months)
Number of failed regrafts19 (68%)11 (92%)
Number of failed regrafts due to immune rejection9 (32%)5 (42%)
Visual acuity at presentationLP–20/100LP–20/100
Final visual acuityNLP–20/30LP–20/200