Table 6

Have you tried using your magnifier(s) for this?

During the past month, have you:
Read or tried to read ordinary print books/newsprint/magazines/TV times5375142046
Read or tried to read large print books, large print newspapers, or newspaper headlines223135491420
Read or tried to read letters/cards/bank statements/other correspondence5172152157
Read or tried to read your own writing24343955811
Read or tried to read instructions on packets, tins, bottles, medicines, etc5172172434
Read or tried to read shop prices/labels/tickets223132451724
Read or tried to read the markings on dials—eg, on the cooker, radio, hi-fi, washing machine, etc1825507034
Read or tried to read the telephone directory to check numbers2535405669
Read or tried to read the time on your watch695780811
Tried to fill in forms, cheques, cards, etc2434415869
Signed or tried to sign your own name1116578034
Written or tried to write your own letters7105578913
Identified or tried to identify money1318557834
Sewed/knitted/mended or attempted to sew, knit, or mend9135476811
Done or tried to do a special hobby3446652231
Carried out or attempted to carry out DIY/repairs/fix things2345632434
Watched or attempted to watch TV811578069
Read or attempted to read street signs/bus numbers/directions, etc2356791318
Been on a trip or special day out71051721318