Table 1

Comparison of people included and excluded who attended the 1997–8 cardiovascular health study examination

Adjusted means or percentage*
Included (n=2405)Excluded (n=1597)p Value†
*Adjusted for age, sex, and race (except for age, men and black, which are unadjusted for age, sex, and race, respectively).
†p Value represents difference in adjusted means or proportions between included and excluded.
Age (years)78.380.7<0.001
Women (%)
Black (%)14.621.9<0.001
Hypertension (%)
Systolic blood pressure (mm Hg)132.0132.90.297
Diastolic blood pressure (mm Hg)66.567.60.010
Fasting glucose (mg/dl)101.8104.40.038
Coronary heart disease (%)24.730.9<0.001
Stroke (%)6.211.5<0.001
Cigarette smoking, current (%)
Alcohol consumption, current (%)41.426.8<0.001
Total cholesterol (mg/dl)202.4201.70.641