Table 7

If you have tried to use your magnifier(s) for this how helpful have you found them?

Extremely/moderately helpful (n)Slightly/not at all helpful (n)Total (n)
During the past month, have you:
Read or tried to read ordinary print books/newsprint/magazines/TV times381553
Read or tried to read large print books, large print newspapers or newspaper headlines121022
Read or tried to read letters/cards/bank statements/other correspondence371451
Read or tried to read your own writing15924
Read or tried to read instructions on packets, tins, bottles, medicines, etc292251
Read or tried to read shop prices/labels/tickets13922
Read or tried to read the markings on dials—eg, on the cooker, radio, hi-fi, washing machine, etc61218
Read or tried to read the telephone directory to check numbers121325
Read or tried to read the time on your watch246
Tried to fill in forms, cheques, cards, etc121224
Signed or tried to sign your own name5611
Written or tried to write your own letters437
Identified or tried to identify money5813
Sewed/knitted/mended or attempted to sew, knit or mend639
Done or tried to do a special hobby033
Carried out or attempted to carry out DIY/repairs/fix things112
Watched or attempted to watch TV448
Read or attempted to read street signs/bus numbers/directions, etc022
Been on a trip or special day out527