Table 1

Eleven shape parameters automatically extracted from the optic nerve head (ONH) topography image of the superior and inferior retinal sectors

HRT parametersMeanSDMeanSDp Value
RNFLT = retinal nerve fibre layer thickness; RNFL CRA = retinal nerve fibre layer, cross sectional area; *p<0.05; **p<0.01.
Disc area (mm2)0.6750.1640.6790.1640.3217
Cup area (mm2)0.1830.1460.1380.1240.0008**
Cup/disc ratio0.2460.1660.1870.1410.0022**
Rim area (mm2)0.4930.1140.5410.1340.0003**
Cup volume (mm3)0.0490.0550.0310.0390.0017**
Rim volume (mm3)0.120.0520.1480.0670.0018**
Mean cup depth0.2140.0950.1760.0750.0027**
Maximum cup depth0.5670.1940.5030.1770.0014**
Cup shape−0.0320.207−0.1850.1290.0071**
RNFLT (mm)0.2550.0560.2790.0590.0344*
RNFL CRA (mm3)0.4270.1160.4670.1280.0227*