Table 1

The Gloucestershire grading form

GradeRight eyeDescriptionLeft eyeGradeOutcome
0No diabetic retinopathy012/12
1Minimal non-proliferative DR112/12
2Mild non-proliferative DR2
3aHaemorrhage <1 DD from foveal centre3a“Routine”
3bExudates <1 DD from foveal centre3b, c, d“Soon”
3cGroups of exudates (including circinate and plaques within the temporal arcades >1 DD from foveal centre
3dReduced VA not corrected by a pinhole likely to be caused by a diabetic macular problem and/or suspected clinically significant macular oedema
4Moderate to severe non-proliferative DR4
4aMultiple cotton wool spots (>5)Refer “soon”
And/or multiple haemorrhages
4bAnd/or intraretinal microvascular abnormalities (IRMA)
And/or venous irregularities (beading, reduplication, loops)
5Proliferative DR5Refer “urgent”
New vessels on the disc (NVD) or
New vessels elsewhere (NVE)
Preretinal haemorrhage and/or fibrous tissue
6Advanced DR6Refer “immediate”
Vitreous haemorrhage, and/or traction/traction detachment, and/or rubeosis iridis
PCTreated diabetic retinopathy
Photocoagulation scars anywhere