Table 2

Comparison table in validation study

7-F7-F descriptionCategory2-F/examDescriptionCategory
10No retinopathyA0No retinopathyA
35aMild with loopsF1bMinimal with haemB
35bMild with Quest CWS/VB/IRMAC2aMild with haem/HE/CWSC
35cMild with haemC2bMild with Ma/HEC
35dMild with HE = 2C3aMaculop with haem<1DDD
35eMild with HE>3 in 1+C3bMaculop with HE<1DDD
35fMild with CWSC3cMaculop with HE groupsD
43aModerate with HMA>3 in 4/5E3dMaculop with reduced VA/CSMED
43bModerate with IRMA = 2 in 1–3E4aMod/severe with CWS/HMAE
47aMod/severe with both 43E4bMod/severe with IRMA/VBF
47bMod/severe with IRMA = 2 in 4–5F5ProlifG
47cMod/severe with HMA = 4 in 2–3E6AdvancedG
47dMod/severe with VB = 2 in 1FUUnassessableU
53aSevere with 2 or more 47sF
53bSevere with HMA>4 in 4–5E2cTreated DRC
53cSevere with IRMA>3 in 1+F
53dSevere with VB = 2 in 2–3F
61aMild prolif with FPE or FPDG
61bMild prolif with NVE = 2 in 1+G
65aMod/prolif with NVE>3 in 1 or NVD = 2G
65bMod/prolif with VH or PRH = 2 in 1G
71aHRC with VH or PRH>3 in 1+G
71bHRC with NVE>3 in 1+ and VH/PRHG
71cHRC with NVD = 2 and VH/PRHG
71dHRC with NVD>3G
75HRC with NVD>3 and VH/PRHG
81Advanced DRG