Table 3

Tumour size and location before treatment and treatment parameters used during TCT. The mean total energy was calculated as sum of laser power and duration of treatment. Initial tumour volume was calculated as a cone shaped model based on tumour diameter and height before TCT

Age (months)8.90.75–357.3
Number of tumours per eye3.91–81.7
Tumour diameter (mm)6.11–15.64.1
Tumour height (mm)3.50.5–9.52.3
Distance to optic disc (mm)2.50–82.5
Number of TCT sessions4.31–61.6
Mean duration of individual TCT session (minutes)13.52–255.6
Total duration of TCT (minutes)5110–12531
Mean power during TCT session (mW)539150–1500211
Mean total energy used during TCT (J)1930180–48301855
Mean energy/tumour volume used during TCT (J/mm3)3012.8–4280691