Table 5

Interventions based on retrospective case series (n=52)

Primary diagnosisPrimary interventionNo of patientsReference
Acute posterior vitreous detachment/floatersSubsequent reassessment26 52
Corneal chemical injuryTopical antibiotics6 53
Sectorial episcleritisTopical steroid4 54
Screening for ethambutol toxic optic neuropathyReassessment2 55
Sixth nerve palsy due to microvasular diseaseObservation2 56
Lattice degenerationBarrier laser2 57
Acute angle closure glaucomaSystemic acetazolamide1 58
Exposed scleral buckleRemoval of buckle1 59
Involutional lower lid entropionEntropion correction1 60
Mooren's ulcerTopical + systemic steroid1 61
Phacomorphic glaucomaAntiglaucomatous followed by cataract extraction1 62
Posner-Sclossman syndromeSystemic acetazolamide + topical β blocker1 63
Preseptal celluitisOral ampicillin1 64
Recurrent corneal erosion syndromeDebridement of loosened epithelium1 65
Silicone oil induced glaucomaTopical β blocker1 66
Toxic keratopathyUse of non-preserved lubricants1 67