Table 2

Mean age and sex adjusted SF-36 scores of Blue Mountains Eye Study participants with moderate to severe, mild, and no non-correctable unilateral visual impairment (VI)

Non-correctable unilateral VIPhysical functionRole limit physicalBodily painGeneral healthVitalitySocial functionRole limit emotionalMental healthPhysical component scoreMental component score
*Moderate to severe non-correctable VI compared with no non-correctable VI.
Moderate to severe70.357.767.163.960.
p Value*0.3932 0.0317 0.22860.09200.3774 0.0340 0.0126 0.12830.1827 0.0495
p For trend0.40720.07440.32280.19370.6431 0.0483 0.0260 0.28390.41050.1090