Table 3

Peroperative and postoperative complications

Peroperative complicationsSDDNDR
Perop IOP Rx7474
Posterior capsule rupture3242
Expulsive haemorrhage0011
Iris prolapse6332
Total 1791810
Interventions at NDR
IOP Rx (25–48 mm Hg)148
Increased steroids42
Wound leak11
Loose suture11
Punctate epitheliopathy11
IOL subluxation00
Iris prolapse00
Total 2112
Postoperative complications before 2 week follow upSDD%Day foundNDR%Day found
Drop toxicity1110639, 9, 9, 10, 11, 14
IOP Rx111530, 2, 2, 2, 3, 14
Corneal abrasion0011
Patient reassurance320, 2, 300
Iris prolapse11300
Total 63127
Postoperative complications at 2 week follow upSDD%NDR%
Postoperative complication definitions: IOP Rx: intraocular pressure treatment; increased IOP: sufficient to alter standard management of Maxitrol drops four times a day; uveitis: anterior uveitis sufficient to increase dose or prolong course of topical steroid; wound leak: sufficient to justify padding, bandage contact lens, re-suturing, re-admission or delayed discharge; dislocated/subluxed IOL: malposition of intraocular lens as documented in notes or incorrect placement of lens; iris prolapse: protrusion of iris through or into corneal section; cystoid macular oedema: clinical diagnosis documented in the notes; drop toxicity: increasing patient discomfort immediately after instillation of drops or diffuse corneal epitheliopathy; other: any postoperative complication not defined above.
Iris prolapse1100
Cystoid macular oedema1100
Drop toxicity6332
Tight corneal suture0011
Total 10563