Table 1

Demographic data for each group (mean (SD))

CharacteristicSingle dose groupDouble dose group
*Subjects returned only if a parent determined that an eye became red and/or had discharge ⩾48 hours of age.
Birth weight (g)3117 (401)3153 (420)
Post-conceptional age (weeks)39.9 (0.8)39.9 (0.8)
Proportion male49.8%53.0%
Maternal prenatal care97.5%98.4%
Maternal vaginitis or cervicitis5.5%5.0%
Minutes after birth, first drop6.1 (2.9)6.1 (3.3)
Hours after birth, second drop25.5 (3.6)
Age at discharge (hours)25.1 (8.7)25.8 (6.4)
Age at return (days)*3.5 (2.3)3.4 (1.9)