Table 1

Details of families with more than one affected individual

NoSexPhenotype of probandOther affected family memberPhenotype of other affectedLikely mechanism of inheritance
*Consanguineous parents.
1MColoboma and microcorneaSister, mother and 5 of mothers siblingsAll had coloboma. Some also had microcornea and cataractAutosomal dominant*
2MBilateral iris and retinal colobomata and microcorneaFatherUnilateral disc colobomaAutosomal dominant
3MColobomatous microphthalmos/coloboma with microcorneaMotherUnilateral retinal colobomaAutosomal dominant
4FBilateral colobomatous microphthalmosPaternal uncleNot examinedRecessive*
5MColoboma and microcorneaSisterColoboma and microcorneaRecessive
6FColoboma RSisterR colobomatous microphthalmosRecessive
Severe microphthalmos LL severe microphthalmos
7MBilateral colobomatous microphthalmosSister (deceased)Died at 2 days of age so not examinedRecessive
8MBilateral colobomata or retina and left discFatherIsolated retinal coloboma in right eye and left microcornea and dense cataractDominant*
9MBilateral coloboma with microphthalmosBrotherBilateral coloboma with microphthalmosRecessive
10FBilateral colobomata and microcorneaFather, brother (deceased)Isolated retinal coloboma in right eye, left microcornea and dense cataractRecessive*
11MBilateral coloboma and microphthalmos and minor lens opacitiesMotherMother had unilateral coloboma of the iris, microcornea and mature cataractRecessive*
Maternal uncleUncle not examined but blind and appearance said to resemble proband
12MBilateral colobomata of iris and retinaMotherUnilateral coloboma of retina and discDominant*