Table 1

Primary diagnosis of patients undergoing amniotic membrane grafting with and without postoperative calcification

Primary diagnosisNumber in non-calcified groupNumber in calcified groupTotal
PKP = penetrating keratoplasty.
Herpes simplex virus21425
Chemical burn10111
Bullous keratopathy1010
Rheumatoid disease88
Neuropathic cornea55
Corneal tattooing to blind eye11
Non-healing defect after PKP33
Ocular pemphigoid314
Bacterial corneal ulcer44
Atopic eczema33
Limbal stem cell insufficiency33
Thermal burn22
Herpes zoster22
Systemic graft-versus-host disease22
Floppy eyelid syndrome11
Marginal ulcer11
Contact lens related ulcer11
Acanthamoeba keratitis11
Fuchs-Stevens-Johnson’s syndrome11
Interstitial keratitis11
Fungal ulcer11