Table 4

Relation between macular lesion components and measures of vision

Dependent variable
Corrected distance visual acuityCorrected near visual acuityContrast sensitivity
Regression model showing the relation between clinical measures of vision and components of the macular lesion including the extent of blood, atrophy, exudate, fibrosis, and pigment. The extent of fibrosis and atrophy were the only two variables that significantly influenced all clinical measures of vision.
Macular blood extent12.8080.10017.7730.008*10.0230.880
Macular atrophy extent17.7820.008*110.0210.003*15.0420.029*
Macular exudate extent16.7000.013*111.5190.001*12.9760.091
Macular fibrosis extent14.9190.031*111.0430.002*112.2570.001*
Macular pigment extent11.4180.24010.5950.44410.5650.456