Table 1

Review of previously published cases of actinic granuloma

Patient age (years)SexLocationSize of lesionClinical presentationDifferential diagnosis
Case 1, Proia et al438FemaleTemporal bulbar conjunctiva2 mm3/52 History of painless red eyeVascularised pinguecula
Case 2, Ferry et al530FemaleTemporal bulbar conjunctiva2 × 3 mm6/52 History of red eyePingueculitis, contact lens reaction, conjunctival naevus
Case 3, Steffen et al639FemaleConjunctiva, site unknownNot knownNot knownPingueculitis, Bowen’s disease
Case 4, Gallagher et al67FemaleNasal bulbar conjunctiva3 × 3 mm3/52 History of painless red eyeBowen’s disease, breast metastasis