Table 1

Visual acuity (mean (SD); median; range) after the first intravitreal injection of 25 mg triamcinolone acetonide; p value: significance of difference from the preoperative value

Visual acuity
Follow up timeNoMean (SD)MedianRangep Value
FC = finger counting; NS = not significant.
Pre-injection710.16 (0.11)0.20FC–0.50
1 day660.12 (0.10)0.10FC–0.45<0.001
1 week630.17 (0.13)0.10FC–0.500.59 (NS)
1 month660.20 (0.16)0.16FC–0.700.04 (NS)
2 months620.20 (0.16)0.18FC–0.800.04 (NS)
3 months630.18 (0.16)0.10FC–0.800.62 (NS)
4 months490.16 (0.16)0.10FC–0.700.36 (NS)
5 months350.18 (0.17)0.10FC–0.800.77 (NS)
6 months320.16 (0.14)0.10FC–0.600.25 (NS)
7 months180.18 (0.16)0.13FC–0.500.41 (NS)
8 months110.17 (0.12)0.10FC–0.400.17 (NS)