Table 1

Data of patients with acute keratomalacia

NoAge (months) /sexClinical presentationManagementFollow up (months)Visual acuity at presentation/at final follow upClinical outcome
VA = visual acuity ; BCVA = best corrected visual acuity ; M = Male, F = Female; PK = penetrating keratoplasty; PL = perception of light; MLCO = maculoleucomatous corneal opacity; Asp = aspiration; AV = anterior vitrectomy; PED = persistent epithelial defect; FU = follow up; NMCO = nebulomacular corneal opacity; OI = optical iridectomy; HMCF = hand movements close to face; reconstruc = reconstruction.
*Paracentral corneal ulcer.
124/FRE 3 mm corneal ulcer*RE medical184/60/6/36RE moderate scar
LE total corneal meltLE tectonic PKPl/1/60LE graft failed
29/MRE 85 mm meltRE tectonic6PL/2/60RE graft failed
LE anterior stapylomaPK + lens asp+ AVNo PL/–LE phthisis
318/MRE total corneal meltRE tectonic6PL/2/60RE graft failed
LE phthisisPK
436/FRE total corneal meltBoth eyes tectonic2PL/3/60Both eyes pthisis
LE phthisisPK
518/FRE total corneal meltRE tectonic24PL/2/60RE pthisis
LE phthisisPK twice
642/FBoth eyes total corneal necrosisBoth eyes4PL/1/60RE graft clear
tectonic PKPL/2/60LE graft failed (rejection)
72/MRE total cornealRE tectonicPL/1/60RE graft failed
LE xerosisLE medical6/9/6/9LE corneal xerosis
824/MBoth eyes 8 mm cornealRE medicalPL/2/60RE adherent leucoma
melt6LE graft clear
LE tectonic PKPL/1/60
98/MRE 85 mm corneal meltRE tectonic PKPL/2/60RE graft clear
LE xerosisLE medical56/12/6/12LE corneal xerosis
1018/FRE 9 mm corneal meltRE tectonic PKPL/no PLRE phthisis
LE corneal ulcer*LE medical33/60/6/36LE mild scar + corneal xerosis
1118/FRE 85 mm corneal meltRE tectonicPL/1/60RE graft clear
LE 35 mm corneaPK3
Ulcer*LE medical4/60/6/36LE mild scar + corneal xerosis
1236/MRE tectonic PKBoth eyes PL/1/60RE graft failed
Both eyes 9 mm corneal meltLE medical3LE severe scar
1324/FRE phthisisNo PL
LE inferior 4 mm melt with perforation*LE tectonic PK182/60/6/60LE graft clear
1424/FRE 5 mm corneal meltBoth eyes medicalPL/6/36RE adherent leucoma
LE total corneal melt3PL/no PLLE phthisis
1536/MBoth eyes total corneal meltBoth eyes medicalLost to FUBoth eyes PL/–
166/MRE 9 mm corneal meltBoth eyes medicalLost to FUPL/–
LE 5 mm corneal ulcer*2/60/–
1736/MRE 6 mm corneal melt*Both eyes medical3PL/6/36RE adherent leucoma
LE corneal xerosis6/24/6/12LE normal
189/MBoth eyes 8 mm cornealBoth eyes medicalBoth eyes PL/6/36RE adherent leucoma
melt*LE adherent leucoma →OI
19RE 35 mm corneal melt*Both eyes medicalPL/6/36RE mild scar
3/MLE corneal xerosis64/60/6/60RE normal
2024/MRE total corneal meltBoth eyes medicalPL/6/60RE adherent
LE phthisis7No PLleucoma →OI
215/MBoth eyes 6 mm corneal meltBoth eyes medical8Both eyes PL/6/60Both eyes adherent leucoma →OI
223/MRE 8 mm corneal meltBoth eyes medicalBoth eyes PL/PLBoth eyes adherent leucoma → anterior
LE 7 mm corneal melt with perforation3staphyloma (irregular FU)
2360/FBoth eyes 9 mm corneal meltBoth eyes medical11PL/2/60RE adherent leucoma → PK + lens asp +AV (graft clear)
PL/no PLLE phthisis
2412/FRE 75 mm corneal meltPL/2/60RE adherent leucoma → PK (graft clear)
LE 35 mm corneal melt*Both eyes medical122/60/6/18LE mild scar
2512/MRE 8 mm meltPL/PLRE anterior
LE 3 mm corneal ulcer*Both eyes medical4staphyloma → PK + lens asp + AV (graft failed)
3/60/6/18LE mild scar
2660/MPL/PLRE anterior staphyloma
Both eyes 95 mm corneal meltBoth eyes medical13PL/6/60LE adherent leucoma →PK + anterior segment reconstruc + AV (graft clear)
2742/FRE 3 mm corneal melt*3/60/6/18RE mild scar
LE 8 mm corneal meltBoth eyes medical9PL/HMCFLE adherent leucoma → PK (graft failed)
2812/MBoth eyes 8 mm corneal meltBoth eyes medicalPL/PLRE anterior staphyloma
4PL/HMCFLE adherent leucoma → PK (graft failed)
299/MRE 8 mm corneal meltBoth eyes medicalPL/HMCFRE adherent
LE phthisis4No PL/no PLleucoma →PK (graft clear)