Table 1

Demographic and clinical data of the patients with normal tension glaucoma (NTG) and control subjects with corresponding p values (unpaired t test)

NTGControl subjects
Mean (SD)Mean (SD)Significance level (p value)
NS = not significant.
IOP = intraocular pressure, MD = mean deviation, PSD = pattern standard deviation, SF = short term fluctuation, CPSD = corrected pattern standard deviation.
Age (years)51 (10)44 (16)NS
IOP (mm Hg)15.6 (3)15.5 (3)NS
Systolic blood pressure (mm Hg)123.9 (17)130.3 (16)NS
Diastolic blood pressure (mm Hg)75.2 (11)74.1 (11)NS
Mean arterial blood pressure (mm Hg)91.3 (12)92.6 (12)NS
Heart rate (beats/min)73 (11)72 (11)NS
Perfusion pressure (mm Hg)44.6 (8)46.1 (7)NS
MD (dB)−6.8 (6.7)−0.99 (1.5)p<0.01
PSD (dB)7.2 (4.9)1.8 (0.4)p<0.0001
SF (dB)2.0 (1.2)1.3 (0.3)p<0.05
CPSD (dB)6.9 (4.9)1.0 (0.8)p<0.0001
Cup to disc area ratio0.52 (0.13)0.28 (0.16)p<0.0001
Disc area (mm2)1.76 (0.39)1.55 (0.42)NS