Table 1

Prepupillary block characteristics

Patient NoAge (years)/sexType of procedureTime of PB after cataract opIOP before cataract op (mm Hg)IOP during PB (mm Hg)Visual acuity before cataract opVisual acuity after cataract opKnown glaucoma/diabetic retinopathy
ECCE = extracapsular cataract extraction, PC = posterior chamber, IOL = intraocular lens, IOP = intraocular pressure, PB = pupillary block, PI = peripheral iridectomy, MMC = mitomycin C, PXF = pseudoexfoliation.
*The patient underwent surgery in a different medical centre.
158/MECCE+PC IOL (scleral tunnel)1 week106020/40020/400Diabetic retinopathy
257/FECCE+PC IOL (scleral tunnel)1 day3050CFPhacomorphic glaucoma
Peripheral annular choroidal effusion
384/FECCE+PC IOL (scleral tunnel)5 yearsNo data available*56No data available*No data available*Angle closure glaucoma
4 RE71/MECCE+PC IOL+trabeculectomy+PI1 week174020/701/15PXF glaucoma
4 LEECCE+PC IOL+trabeculectomy+MMC3 weeks18301/91/12PXF glaucoma
567/FECCE+PC IOL (scleral tunnel)3 years254920/7020/30Narrow angle glaucoma
680/FPhacoemulsification+PC IOL6 months14581/1220/150Non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy