Table 1

Results of surgery and investigations

Visual acuity
CaseAge (years)NeurotomyVenous dilatationHaemorrhagesBVNSOCTVisual fieldsPreopPostop
Preop = preoperative, postop = postoperative, BVNS = blood vessels in the neurotomy site, OCT = optical coherence tomography, CMO = cystoid macular oedema, SRF = subretinal fluid, HM = hand movements, CF = counting fingers.
161YesNo changeLess postopYesNormalSupero-temporal defectCFCF
280YesLess postopLess postopNoCMO + SRFLarge blind spotHMCF
3 R82YesNo changeMore postopYesCMO + SRFCentral defectCF6/60
3 L82YesLess postopLess postopYesMild CMOSevere constrictionCF6/60
488NoNo changeLess postopNoSRFSevere constrictionCFCF
563NoNo changeNo changeNoFoveal cystFullCF6/36
672NoNo changeNo changeNoFoveal cystFull6/366/12
770NoLess postopLess postopNoNo foveal dipCentral defectHMCF