Table 2

Correlation between global topographic parameters by HRT and global VF indices

MD p value (r)CPSD p value (r)No of points p<1% p value (r)No of points p<5% p value (r)
Statistics by linear regression.
NS = not significant, r = correlation coefficient.
Glaucoma indexNSNSNSNS
Disc area (mm2)0.021 (0.294)NSNSNS
Cup area (mm2)NSNSNSNS
C/D area ratioNSNSNSNS
Rim area (mm2)0.01 (0.325)0.05 (0.25)NS0.041 (0.26)
Cup volume (mm3)NSNSNSNS
Rim volume (mm3)NSNSNSNS
Height variation contour (mm)NSNSNSNS
Mean cup depth (mm)NSNSNSNS
Maximum cup depth (mm)NSNSNSNS
Cup shape measureNSNSNSNS
RNFL thickness (mm)NSNSNSNS
RNFL cross section area (mm2)NSNSNSNS