Table 1

Summary of cases

PatientsAgeSexTreated eyeInitial VAOccurrence after PDTPeriod, favourable circumstancesDescription of hallucination
PDT = photodynamic therapy.
183MRightR 20/2003 daysonce or twice a daywhite wheel
L 20/32
282FRightR 20/1261 monthvariablefaces, miscellaneous objects such as parcels
L 20/800
377FLeftR 20/402 dayswhen watching TValternating purple squares
L 20/64
480FLeftR 20/1002 weeksvariable, usually when watching TVknown and unknown faces
L 20/160
588FLeftR 20/802 or 3 daysseveral times a daywhite shooting star with a circular movement
L 20/320