Table 1

 GPRD medical codes indicating a diagnosis of open angle glaucoma

Medical codeDescriptionNumber (%) of diagnoses*
*Diagnoses for 6295 patients; some patients had more than one diagnosis.
†OXMIS, Oxford Medical Information System.
OXMIS† codes
3751Glaucoma, chronic73 (1.1)
3751AGlaucoma, open angle198 (2.9)
3751PLGlaucoma, simple38 (0.6)
3759Glaucoma3603 (53.7)
READ codes
F45.00Glaucoma2428 (36.2)
F451.00Open angle glaucoma197 (2.9)
F451000Unspecified open angle glaucoma1 (<0.1)
F451100Primary open angle glaucoma5 (<0.1)
F45z00Glaucoma, not otherwise specified171 (2.5)