Table 3

 Adjusted hazard rate ratios for risk of therapy failure and therapy discontinuation*

Adjusted hazard ratio95% CIp Value
*Hazard rate ratios and 95% confidence intervals (CIs) from adjusted Cox regression models.
†Reference group.
Therapy failure
    Timolol1.951.60 to 2.380.005
    Other β blockers2.281.88 to 2.770.004
    Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors3.602.92 to 4.44<0.0001
    Miotics3.842.96 to 4.98<0.0001
    Sympathomimetics4.293.45 to 5.34<0.0001
Therapy discontinuation
    Timolol1.371.06 to 1.780.05
    Other β blockers1.491.07 to 2.070.01
    Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors2.521.16 to 5.44<0.0001
    Miotics3.081.20 to 7.88<0.0001
    Sympathomimetics2.451.16 to 5.19<0.0001