Table 1

 Results strabismus. All values are given in degrees, and the corresponding values present mean (SD)

Before operationImmediately after operation3 months after operation12 months after operation
“Min_Max_Diff” of the strabismus angle was defined as the difference between “Max angle” and “Min angle.” In addition to the clear reduction of the mean strabismus, also the difference between the maximum and minimum strabismus angle decreases. All these decreases were highly significant (p<0.01).
Max angle (degrees)18.5 (8.5)5 (5)3.5 (5.5)2 (5)
Min angle (degrees)10.5 (7)2 (4.5)1 (4.5)−1 (5)
Min_Max_Diff (degrees)8 (5.5)3 (3.5)2.5 (3.5)2.5 (3)