Table 1

Data summary (70 eyes of 70 patients)

SD, standard deviation; IOP, intraocular pressure; C:D ratio, cup:disc ratio.
*Myopia >3 dioptres.
†Change refers to: final IOP–IOP at the beginning of follow up period.
‡Change refers to: final C:D ratio–C:D ratio the beginning of follow up period.
Age (years)
    Range25 to 85
    Mean (SD)57 (15)
Relevant ophthalmic history
    Myopia*13 (18%)
    Diabetic retinopathy9 (13%)
    Severe ocular injury7 (10%)
    Congenital cataract4 (6%)
    Pre-existing glaucoma2 (3%)
    Uveitis2 (3%)
    Other8 (11%)
    No history25 (36%)
Lens status
    Phakic28 (40%)
    Aphakic8 (11%)
    Pseudophakic34 (49%)
Previous vitreoretinal procedure
    Scleral buckle10 (14%)
    Pars plana vitrectomy63 (86%)
Number of vitreoretinal (VR) procedures
    Range1 to 6
    Mean (SD)2 (1)
LogMAR visual acuity before first VR procedure
    Range−0.1 to 2.7
    Mean (SD)1.4 (0.9)
LogMAR visual acuity at the final follow up
    Range−0.1 to 3.0
    Mean (SD)1.2 (1.0)
Change in IOP (mm Hg)†
    Range13 to −58
    Mean (SD)−16 (12)
Change in C:D ratio‡
    Mean (SD)0.1 (0.1)
Intravitreal silicone oil
    Yes27 (39%)
    No43 (61%)
Removal of silicone oil
    Yes15 (56%)
    No12 (34%)
Duration of follow up (months)
    Range5 to 120
    Mean (SD)48 (25)
Number of antiglaucoma agents at final follow up
    Range0 to 3
    Mean (SD)1.2 (0.9)