Table 2

Multiple linear regression predicting progression in cup:disc ratio during the follow up period

VariablesCoefficient (b)Significance (p)
    Number of previous vitreoretinal procedures−0.0460.033
    Baseline cup:disc ratio−0.3660.001
    Follow up period (months)0.0010.301
    Treatment modality
Relevant past ophthalmic history
    Severe ocular injury0.0170.828
    Congenital cataract−0.0170.869
    Diabetic retinopathy−0.1890.053
    No history−0.1140.125
    Pre-existing glaucoma−0.1170.266
IOP in final follow up review (mm Hg)
Intravitreal silicone oil endotamponade
    Not used−0.0060.906
    Used and removed0.1480.152
    Used and not removed